CL Carpentry has been in business since 2002.

Carsten Loesing the founder started his trade in Germany in 1997 working in a traditional German wood working shop, the company he first started his apprenticeship with did a variety of different work. They built roof structures, timber frame carports/sheds and other outdoor structures. They also renovated houses and installed windows.

Making wooden windows, Cabinets and furniture was the companies specialty.

Everything that they made was from scratch, so they milled every piece of wood used from rough lumber.

This way they could insure that they chose the best lumber for the product that they built.

After his apprenticeship Carsten work for companies that built and installed interior commercial furniture and interiors.

One company he worked for stands out from the rest, they made custom furniture, kitchens, and things for stores like apple computers and made custom pieces for cruise ships.

After all of Carsten's experience in Germany he came back to Canada and worked for various companies and gained his experience in the Canadian renovation environment, so with all his knowledge he started his own company making his goal to show people how a good quality job is done the right way, and not taking on anything that he is not experienced in, this way CL Carpentry can insure a great job done in any job they tackle.


...we build it right.